Your dedicated streaming tv platform. Set up your tv channel and distribute your content.


Save 80% Bandwidth
Also for non-recent OS

Our unique P2P solution will connect the users’s smartphones between themselves. Result is that your CDN is only charged 80% of the regular bandwidth.

So as a broadcaster, you save 80% on your distribution or streaming cost. A side effect is that the channels or station are picked up far further down the chain as smartphones are enhancing each other. The P2P solution also works on older operating platforms, so is deployable even with not the latest smartphones.

Eyeonline is your Backoffice for a complete tv channel.
-Subscription service from your viewer.
-Live streams with low latency, VOD services
-Broker for all international tv-stations and channels, from BBC to dance-tv.
-Player app available, front (UI) designed to your specs.
-Can be area IP protected.
-Guaranteed 24/7 streaming service.
-Multi stream to output of your choice  apps, website, cdn, satellite…
-Scheduler included for combination of prerecording’s, live and breaking news

We'll be happy to demo you all features.

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