Eyeonline Tv, as a full service provider for tv content production and distribution, has a range of solutions.

Main focus on SME and organisations with a need for a dedicated secure tv channel. The broadcasts are not interrupted with 3th party advertising (without your knowlegde or input) and gdpr conform.
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Bert Sohl
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mail : bert.sohl@eyeonline.tv
Eyeonline Tv
Tailor made streaming solutions in a secured and dedicated environment
EyeonlineTv works on tailor made solutions for your communication strategy. We just highlight some features we have in our catalog but we love to listen to you and find out of the box, budget friendly tv/video distribution solutions for your challenges. Let us assist you in connecting your viewers to your company in a social friendly and sustainable way with direct call to actions.
Streaming tv platform for companies and organisations to connect direct to the viewer in a bidirectional way. in a secured environment.
Cloud tv mixing platform connected to your crew. Our free camera app connects directly to the video mixer as a plug and play live event broadcasting system.
TvStation 2.0
Create your own tv station with your content and many other channels from all over the world. Use our P2P box and save 80% on distribution.
Production & distribution platforms.
Content platforms.
Regional tv
Starting in Belgium with
(dutch only)
Travel and tourism tv on a dedicated channel to attrack tourism to a destination, promote airlines or airports.
Local tv stations to enhance local shopping and retail in combination with socio-cultural events and associations. In combination with local loyalty card.
EyeonlineMPTv is a new saas platform for companies and associations to create their own one to many tv channel  in a secured and outstanding way so the viewers will always and everywhere experience a high quality social connection. EyeonlineMPtv stands for Eyeonline Marketing Platform. The distinguished USP's make the broadcaster stand out in the overload of information and guarantees a hit from the viewer. EMPtv is a bidirectional NON-STREAMING platform. So the broadcast experience will be outstanding everywhere. Profiles are exclusive for the broadcaster and EMPtv never interferes with the content (no third party advertising!).
This product is in development and you still have the chance to participate as a shareholder and enjoy the profits. 48 (from 100)shares for sale at €11.000,- with
is an infotainment and educational channel for young parents. From the wish for children till toddlers.
STUDIO Equipment (Benelux & Ireland)
Your Studio
(we) Build your studio

Packages from one to many camera's, light and sound, backdrops, always with our software package for direct stream (including Black Magic software switcher).