From our daily experience, i'd like to share to some tips and tricks to make your online communication look even more professional.

Keep a straight back while presenting
   or even better, present standing up. Presenting this way keeps you more focused than working from your cosy chair.

Have your camera on eye height
   Make sure your camera, even when it is the built-in cam from your laptop, is on eye height. You do want a good eyecontact with the
   viewer and give a feeling of connection. Don't look down on your laptop, it is also the perception of the recepient!

Use a decent mic
   or at least a headset. The built-in mic from your laptop picks up a lot of surrounding noise and easily gives a kind of echo effect. It is
   usually way more difficult to keep listening concentrated to a non direct microphone.

Keep looking in the camera while presenting
   As in a on site presentation, eye contact is important. You want to give the viewer the feeling he/she 's is the only person you're
   talking to

Create a nice lighting
   Make sure you have an even lighting in the room. Avoid working with a large window (with bright daylight) in your back of sideways.        
   The contrast is way too high for all camera's. Better is to close/darken the window and have your house lights on. Avoid backlights,                                                 
   people won't be able to see your expressions.

Check your background
   Work against a ons tone or one colour background or curtain. All things in the background (and specially if some item is moving like a
   clock), is distracting your viewer from your presentation. The brighter the background, the better the perception. Presenting against a
   white wall usually gives a better impression than in your living room with (mostly brown-ish) furniture. Also dark background and 
   furniture absord the light.

   If you wear a suit, avoid herringbone designs. They give 'moirĂ©' in the image (sort of blur)

If you 'd like extra info or guidance on your presentation, we're here to assist you!