Regional TV campaign plan

EyeonlineTv will run local and regional tv stations with own management and in house technical tools and facilities.
All tv-stations/channels are built upon communities. That can be a city, Provence or a region. Always the accent on local active population in combination with business, hospitality and tourism.
All channels are internet tv with dedicated apps, so the viewers/listeners have to subscribe once (leave a profile).

Our main USP ‘s
-Connect directly to the local community through clubs, associations, city council.
-Bring programs with a high ‘what’s in it for me’ factor for the viewer/listener. Programs that are entertaining but also relevant.
-Bring programs made by locals (social media wise, e.g. TikTok like movies but for the local community so more relevant to the viewers.
-The studio App. We provide a free camera app to all clubs to they can broadcast their events live with multiple camera’s to our channel. The ‘games’ can be reviewed in our    website. EyeonlineTv provides not only the multi cam app for free but also the free visibility for the club and their members. Even with funding options for the club.
-Loyalty card. The public can pay with this card in the shops. It is a debit card connected to their wallet. So we gather sales info in the hospitality and retail and the shop gives back a discount through the tv channel. It’s all connected and data collection.
We are now opening the first setup (also as a base for other channels) in the Provence of Limburg (Belgium) with a potential viewer group of 550.000 people (total inhabitants +-900.000). Launch of BeLiveLimburg.TV foreseen for 25th April ’24 (BeLiveLimburgTv is a EyeOnLineTV product)
Negotiations with City of Maastricht (Netherlands) are completed and we look to launch for the region Maastricht-Heuvelland early Q3/24. ( is a EyeOnLineTV product)
Negotiations with a shopping Centre in Dublin are completed. We look to launch after mid Q4/24. (DublinTv is a EyeOnLineTV product)

Offers have been made to several cities in Belgium and The Netherlands, mostly in combination with larger shopping malls.

Negotiations with Euregio meuse-rhin  ( have started. We’re looking at 4.000.000 potential viewers. The challenge is to have it in 4 languages. As it looks now, we could start broadcasting Q1/25

An extra tool is our NTVservice. For diaspora it is usually difficult to view the home country tv. Most tv shows are copyright protected and geo-fenced. The broadcast over satellite is mostly a part of the normal tv broadcast in the country. EyeonlineTv has a platform where a larger group (at least 5000 households) can use our SetTop box to get the broadcast from the home country 1:1. That is of course only with an agreement from the local broadcasters in the home country.  EyeonlineTv ‘grabs’ the tv stations in the home country and streams them to the target group. At this moment we capture 15 tv channels in Vietnam and transfer them one on one to the Vietnamese community in Los Angeles.  There the Diaspora can watch the channels as if they were ‘at home’, of course also with the time difference.

EyeonlineTv will first setup BeLiveLimburg TV. The regional tv station for the Provence of Limburg in Belgium. This will also be the technical HQ for the other channels in the group. To support the funding, Bert Sohl is selling 140 of 300 shares.

The detailed information is in the business plan. You can download it here.

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