EyeonlineTv is a communication and marketing tool voor SME’s and organisations ready for that next step. From the digital newsletter to a personal tv cannel to connect with their closed user target group on a recurrent base.

USP’s of EyeonlineTv

EyeonlineTv differs from other video communication channels because:

EyeonlineTv works around streaming.
EyeonlineTv doesn't post to announce a new broadcast.
EyeonlineTv doesn't e-mail to announce a new broadcast.
The viewer reacts directly from the broadcast.
The viewer is directly in the broadcast.
The viewer is notified directly.
The company is the only one to see the user data and is exclusive owner
Search engines don’t see a stream, so the viewer won’t be bothered by offers from competetion

What’s in it for me?

Our team will be happy to give you detailed information by a demo (online or in your office) to let you discover how EyeonlineTv will give you quicker and direct access to your target group and get interactive respons.